Services and Fun

Young Space - Services and Fun
  • Gym

    Gym is free for residents, table tennis and yoga is in the other room. The gym is comfortable and spacy, you can work out as much as possible even if it is hot outside because it is air-conditioned.

  • Outdoor terrace with grill

    Grill! Let´s grill! Let them grill! And just in the centre of Brno. Throw a chunk of meat on the grill and invite the others. Our grill is here for you.

  • Bike storage room

    Don´t worry about your bike anymore. There is a bike storage room behind reception where you can leave your bike in safety and don´t need to take it to your room.

  • Self-catering laundry

    We wash non-stop. We have several professional stainless steel washing machines and tumble dryers, so you can wash whenever you like and nobody will be disturbed even at 2 am.

  • Café

    Small art cafe sewn into the courtyard. We have a record player and excellent coffee :-)
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  • Cellar

    Cool place? Celebration with friends? There are two cellars for you - one is small and cosy, the other (Club) big enough for a proper party. Rent deposit for the big cellar (Club) is 1000 CZK. If it is returned in order, returning 900 CZK.

  • Paying by card

    Short of cash? No problem - you can pay for accommodation by card at reception, too. 

  • Internet

    Every room is equipped with Internet socket where you can plug in via UTP cable. Internet speed in every socket is 20 Mb/s. The net has also IPTV Common spaces are covered by WiFi.

  • Tram stop

    A busy tram stop is directly in front of the entrance. Thanks to convenient location you can get to school, the main station and everywhere in Brno where necessary in a few minutes. 

  • Bedding

    No need to wash the bedding - you get it clean and sweet-smelling from us every fortnight. 

  • Safety

    The premises are monitored continuously by safety cameras. The entry to the premises is via chip, so you can be a bit more at ease.

  • Supermarket

    Supermarket is just opposite the street, so if you have a sweet tooth when learning, just pop in there.

  • Shared accommodation

    Do you want to share a room? Twin rooms are just what you need. Or are you a group of friends and would you like rooms nearby? No problem to arrange it.

  • Holiday stay

    When you don´t stay, you don´t pay. If you leave a bail with us during holidays, we keep your room booked for the next school year. If you collect the bail, we might be fully booked later. You can stay here over holidays, of course.

  • Coffee machine

    Fancy a coffee? At the entrance you can get an espresso with milk, cappuccino or just strong black coffee. 

  • Kitchen

    If you are in a mood for cooking, our kitchenette with a microwave is on every floor. When you have an apartment, you can make it there.

  • Rental

    Something missing? In our rental you can find a hoover, a brush, a mop ... Do you need anything else? We´ll try to do something about it. 

  • Overnight visitor

    If your roommate agrees, you can take a visitor for the night for 150 CZK/night. If you have a single room, the better for you.