Young Space is quality living place for students in Brno, whose main aim is to provide their inhabitants with comfortable and youthful space without needless restrictions common in state hostels.

Young Space is exceptional for its openness of its attitude to your needs and your study routine. Further advantage is excellent transport access to the centre of Brno.

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Young Space intravilan

Young Space

You can find here newly reconstructed rooms, free access to the gym, comfortable café, self-service laundry or 2 cellars for celebrations and a terrace with outdoor grill for parties with friends.

Do you need help or advice? Don´t hesitate to ask at our nice reception where you find help all the time.

We try to make your life in Young Space comfortable and bring you the opportunity how to find new friends and get plenty of new unforgettable experiences.

Young Space

Young Space simply lives with you and changes according to your present needs.

It´s not long ago since the reconstruction of the courtyard of our inner block. We are very happy about it because its finishing brought immediate rise in the activity of the residents on the premises. We don´t want the residents to stick to their rooms (unless they want to) but to have the possibility to meet and get acquainted. Simply we care about deepening their social relations and making new friends. It is common that people play with a ball, drink coffee or just relax and sunbathe on the bench in the courtyard.

We think sharing flats with others is an experience that moves university student home into a different level than staying in the digs. It´s fine to have the possibility to try living in a community of young people and what´s more, the whole premises are equipped with services for students without any further fees. The most important fact is that Brno as university city provides its inhabitants with variety of possibilities what to do in their free time. That´s why study in Brno is a good choice in our opinion, not only because of your chosen school. Brno simply lives and so does our Young Space.